Shared Values

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Historically, communities and movements have been drawn together by a shared sense of purpose and mission; a common set of values. As we build our Sunday Assembly community here in Nottingham we have given much thought to our own shared values, to the ‘glue’ that binds us together. We are a close knit group with […]

A Great Start to 2015 in Nottingham

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It’s been a great start to 2015 here in Nottingham, and we can hardly believe January is almost finished. We held our monthly Sunday Assembly on 18th Jan on the theme of ‘Getting Through’. The core of the topic dealt with working through the January blues, but also extended to other situations in life where […]

Celebrating Yuletide in Nottingham

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We’re looking forward to an exciting festive assembly tomorrow in Nottingham. On Sunday 21st December – appropriately enough – we will be celebrating Yuletide and all it means to us. It is an added little bonus that the Assembly date falls on the day of the winter solstice itself. From here on in the days […]